I'm an American living in the French Alps.

I write stories about living a simple, mindful and intentional life - at home, abroad or on the trail.

Originally from Ohio, I now call a small mountain village (Bozel) in the French Alps home. I left the US in 2013 looking for an alternative lifestyle. Little did I know where that path would lead.

When I took the leap pretty much everyone thought I was crazy and that I was chasing an unrealistic dream. I had a 5-week long job, a TEFL certificate, money saved up, and a whole lot of faith that things would fall into place. 

Since then I've been a trip leader, hotel manager, nanny, bartender, tour guide, stay-at-home-girlfriend, and marketing assistant. I've traveled to 22 countries, and I ended up falling in love with a Brit.

As I've now settled in France, I've been on a personal journey to find more purpose and intention in every aspect of my life. This blog is where I'm sharing my struggles, lessons learned and advice on how you can bring mindfulness and intention into your life - whether it's at home, abroad or on the road.