4 Ways to Instantly Make Your Life Simpler

Woman walking on the beach summer vacation

Over the last few years I've been simplifying my life by default. After traveling each summer, and living in a tiny apartment the rest of the year, I couldn't own very much. However living with less isn't the only thing that will simplify your life. Factors such as schedule and daily tasks make your life complicated as well.

These are four practices I've integrated into my life recently that help keep things simple. Especially as I start to build up a home here, it's important to continue to practicing simplicity, so that I don't soon revert back to old ways of overwhelm. 

4 Ways to Instantly Make Your Life More Simple

1. Make your coffee at home

Forget the coffee shop stop and you instantly have one less task on your list. Not only is it money saved, but it's a strategy for simplifying your morning. You're more likely to have a peaceful morning that starts out on the right foot. Plus, there are so many delicious home brews out there, that you don't have to miss out on quality. 

And when you make it at home, prep it the evening before. I use a French press, so I ensure the kettle is filled up and the coffee is in the press, ready for me to pour in the boiling water. You might even be able to live the luxe life with a self-timed coffee maker. Whatever way to make it, it will make your morning simpler.

2. Throw out 5 items from your closet

Stray socks that lost their match? That shirt with the stain that didn't come out? Get rid of them. They are a reminder of your unfinished tasked. You don't need them there. 

I have a bit of a reputation in my house for getting rid of things. I get a little buzz every time I get rid of something from my closet. It honestly feels like I've shed a few pounds.

If you don't know where to begin with your closet, open your sock drawer. Start there. You might find five items quickly and keep the momentum going. But just five items will do. Donate or trash them. You'll be left with more of what your love, and more space for things you want in there.

3. Unsubscribe from your unwanted emails

Do you open your email first thing in the morning and feel overwhelm as all the new emails pop up? I've been there, but not any more. 

A clean inbox makes for a happy inbox.

To help make this task as painless as possible, head to unroll.me to unsubscribe from all your emails quickly and efficiently. (It's free if you give them a social share!) You'll see a list of all your subscriptions, and you might be in awe of all the mailing lists you've joined without realizing it. You can unsubscribe from the ones you don't want with a click. For the emails you want to keep, you can opt to roll them up into a digest email if you'd like (I personally don't use this option).

Tomorrow you'll wake up to a cleaner inbox, and a nicer start to the day.

Be sure to go back in every few months and check it again - you'd be surprised how quickly your subscriptions add up again.

4. Cancel something on your calendar

That dinner this weekend with friends? That lunch date that seems like more effort than fun? Just cancel it.

It's too easy to over schedule and say yes to things we don't actually want to do. More free time in your schedule will make you feel freer and lighter instantly. You will have more room to do the things you want to do,

Take it one step further: Give yourself a whole weekend without anything on your planner.

That extra time I have to think, cook something delicious, read, meditate, work on my mind and personal growth is invaluable. It's a much better use of my time than trying to please other people by showing up all the time.

Tomorrow you could wake up to a clean inbox, a better closet, coffee ready for you, and an open schedule ahead.

Or at least give one of these a try today. Let me know how it goes!