Best Podcasts for Women - My fave ladies

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I'm a bit of a podcast aficionado. And these are the best women's podcasts out there.

I can't remember the first podcast I listened to, but it was definitely around the early days Serial and The Tim Ferris Show. My taste in podcasts is ever evolving as I grow, and some stick around for longer than others. Currently, I'm digging these female-centric podcasts that resonate with different aspects of my personality. Here's my favorite women's podcasts that I'm listening to on the regular.

Call Your Girlfriend

I actually think my long-distance bestie recommended this one to me a few years ago. Besties Ann and Aminatou get together each week and catch up via podcast. They talk about everything from Kanye's tweets to the latest with Ivanka's dad as well as real woke women's issues.

I have to say this podcast has turned more towards current events and less towards the Kim K updates, which to be honest, I miss a little bit. But I still love them and what they have to share. The podcast has pushed my boundaries on how I think of myself as a feminist and liberal, and that maybe I'm not as open minded as I'd like to label myself.

They are also super down to earth and fucking hilarious. One minute they're talking about getting high and watching Elf, and the next they're talking about how to get more women to run for office. The whole spectrum of a woman's experience is represented here.

This podcast is for: The Feminist with a capital F
Start with these episodes: Third Eye Wide Open or Sweatpants and Casseroles

Ladies, We Need to Talk

In this short, 8 episode series, Aussie host Yumi Stynes dives head first into taboo women's topics. These are the things that we won't even talk about with our best friends. Masturbation, mothers not living with their children, the normalization of alcoholism, and much more. Each episode gets into those not-so-friendly topics that we're all thinking about. 

This podcast is for: Every woman
Start with these episodes: You say vulva, I say vagina or Time to name (and shame) the mental load

From the Heart, Conversations with Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl is my BFF she just doesn't know it yet.

Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, spills her heart, each and every week on her podcast. She is an over sharer in the best way, which is what makes her so relatable and easy to connect with. Also she has the CUTEST baby Lea Luna who - full disclose - makes me want to have a baby. She started the podcast when Luna was one week old, so we've really been on the journey of new motherhood along with her.

On From the Heart Rachel discusses the yoga community (including how she started the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday), motherhood, self-love, gratitude, and tons more. She's opened my mind to new perspectives on veganism with James Aspey, astrology with Debra Silverman, and some amazing music from Nahko Bear.

This podcast is for: Yogis and moms
Start with these episodes: The Flight From Hell or The Sleep Episode

These next two podcasts aren't lady-focused in their content, but are created by some badass bitches. These are two of my absolute favorite podcasts, so I had to include them.

The Lively Show

Jess Lively has been on a journey for the last two+ years of finding herself and gone through some massive life changes. She's shifted from someone who wrote to her intuition and focused on flowing not forcing, to someone who is healing her eyesight naturally. By just not wearing glasses anymore. Yeah, a bit woo-woo, and I love it. 

Lately she's taken it to the next level and discusses the law of attraction, quantum physics, hypnotherapy, and living in alignment with your intuition, not your ego. She also backs a lot of this crazy stuff - like the law of attraction - with science and research that proves it more real than just a way of thinking. It's beyond interesting and exciting.

Jess' latest project is teaching people how to tap into the 95% of our brain which we don't use through her new program CSCHOOL.

This podcast is for: High-vibe, new-age hippies who want to tap into the power of their mind
Start with these episodes: Using Flow to Go From All Ego to Total Love or Exploring Consciousness and Healing Eyesight Naturally or Change Unwanted Thoughts & Behaviors with Hypnotherapy

Note to Self

Is your iPhone listening to you? Should you post photos of your kids online? Is Amazon taking over the world?

These are the questions host Manoush Zomorodi addresses each week in Note to Self. She dives into our relationship with technology, and how it affects our lives - for better or for worse. She interviews smart people who all bring data-driven opinions. This podcast is thought-provoking and oh so relevant.

Manoush also started a 7-day challenge called Bored and Brilliant. This is all about putting your phone down, and getting bored. Download the app Moment to help get you started on this challenge. It tracks all the time you spend on your phone, and how many minutes (errr hours) you spend on each app. You will likely be shocked and appalled. I regretfully admit that my Instagram usage is shameful. The app also gives you tips along the way and walks you through the 7-day Bored and Brilliant challenge.

This podcast is for: Anyone who questions the influence of technology on their life
Start with these episodes: Escape from Yahoo, Your Mailman is a Drug Dealer, or Meet an Online Emotional Escort

Some other new lady podcasts have recently come into my life that I've yet to delve into. But these four might be bumped up to this list in the near future.

best podcasts for women - female podcasts

We Are Women by Mint Velvet

The clothing line Mint Velvet has started a podcast where they interview a variety of women and talk about different topics, and discuss the joys, frustrations, challenges & triumphs of women. This was a recommendation from a girlfriend, so ready to give this more of a listen.

Badass Business Podcast

Also a recommendation from a girlfriend, from the one episode I've listened to, Lauren seems really down to early and the podcast is very raw and laid-back. She worked as a successful life coach, then transitioned into teaching badass business skills.

The Life Coach School

Jess Lively interviewed Brooke Castillo, the owner of The Life Coach School, which was enough of a recommendation for me. She has some similar mindsets to Jess but is well-known and highly accomplished within the life coaching world. She is all about harnessing the power of your mind, but perhaps in a less woo-woo way than Jess. So far, I'm digging.

The Lucky Bitch Podcast 

I also found Denise, aka the Lucky B, through Jess Lively, and was drawn to her philosophy on money blocks. She has some crazy stories of how she won a 6-month travel trip and how money literally hit her windshield. I've only listened to a few episodes, but her statement that all money success is 80% getting through your money blocks, is extremely intriguing.

All of these podcasts are really different from each other, and speak to different parts of my personality. I hope at least one of them resonates with you and you find some lady inspiration from it.

Because you can never have too many positive women influences in your life.