A Non-Touristy Weekend in London

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How to spend a non-touristy weekend in London

Going back to city multiple times has perks. You're no longer worried about seeing the sights, and crossing things off the list. You feel freer to do the things you actually want to do. With each visit, you start to find unique places, and get a true feel for the vibe and energy of a city.

I went to London for my 10th time recently - honestly it feels like many more than that. And although I usually like to do at least one touristy thing per visit, this time I did not even bother.

My goals were to eat all the non-French food possible, catch up with friends, and indulge in some activities I just can't do in the mountains.

My weekend started off perfectly by being welcomed into the most lovely apartment. Okay, it's my friend's place so I'm biased, but I hadn't been before so was stunned. This gem of a London apartment is in the Hammersmith/Kensington area and NEWSFLASH PEOPLE: single 20-something men CAN decorate.

London Apartment Hammersmith.jpg

Tasted some London street food

On the flight over, I got sucked in by an easyJet article about the best food stalls in Europe. I decided to seek out the London recommendation: Yum Bun. There are a few locations around London, and I have to say, this little pork bun was a tasty treat. But don't make the mistake I did and buy only one.

Tapped into my Italian soul in Parson's Green

In other eats, I headed to Vicino Cucina in Parson's Green and caught up with a friend I met at my yoga retreat in India. This was a lovely little Italian restaurant that had banging dessert (see below). The seafood linguini did not suck either.

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Sipped a pint in a pub

After the Italian food coma had truly taken over, we went for a pint in a nearby pub. There is just something about a London pub. Duke on the Green was a trendy one, with also what looked like a delicious restaurant attached, but it was a cozy spot on a rainy day. Plus any pub that has a fire is a winner in my book.

Parson's Green Pub.jpg

Devoured some London sushi

My fab host, Ed, took me to his favorite sushi spot, Taro Sushi. I was desperate to eat some sushi and had a hunch Ed would know a good place. He and his dad found this hole-in-the-wall years ago, and have made it their go-to sushi restaurant ever since. Nothing fancy, Taro had delicious sushi for a reasonable price, and was jam-packed even at 3pm.

Shoreditch & Brick Lane Wandering

We wandered around Shoreditch & Brick Lane for some street art and people watching. Shoreditch is a super trendy, hipster, artsy area, and Brick Lane is a popular street nearby. It included chatting with wacky flower shop owners, bumping into a mutual Belgian friend on the street (small world), and taking lots of snaps around the streets.

Brick Lane and Shoreditch London.jpg

Had I been too busy trying to see the sights I probably wouldn't have gotten a tour of the Architecture Association School, tested out Uber eats (we don't have these things in the mountains!), or found a great Bikram yoga studio, The Hot Spot Yoga.

I'm off to Lisbon next week for the first time, and will at least see one typical site, but plan on seeking out some non-touristy spots as well. 

So next time you head to a city you know, forget about the 'must see' list and create a must do list of the things you truly want to do. You'll enjoy yourself more when you're doing what's important to you.