If you truly want something, you’ll make it happen

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If you want truly something, you’ll make it happen

This was my mindset for a lot of my early adulthood. 

 - Am I still in my early adulthood? Okay, in my early twenties. -

I lived and breathed this belief. And in contrast, I believed if you weren’t making something happen in your life, it was because you didn’t really want it. Perhaps only on a subconscious level, but at your core, you didn’t want that thing.

Along with that: If you want truly want something, you must truly believe it's possible. 

This mindset carried me through traveling and living abroad. There was never a question if it was possible. I remember scouring Nomadic Matt’s blog back in 2009, and absorbing every way you could make money abroad and make long-term, international travel a reality. I got my TEFL certificate (never used it!), pinched every penny I was making, connected with my international network, and embraced the uncertainty that came with it.

Moving abroad and traveling was no obstacle in my mind. I believed so deeply that it was attainable, that suddenly, it became my reality.

Yet, sometime in the past five years since I left the US, I’ve forgotten the power of this mindset. Subconsciously I’ve still been applying it to some aspects of my life, but it hasn’t been the forefront of my internal rhetoric.

Until last weekend. 

A good girlfriend mentioned this is what she admires most about me. Aside from the lovely compliment, it was an ’aha' moment for me. I realized I'd totally forgotten this belief that used to be at the core of my identity.

Lately, I've been feeding myself negative thoughts and haven't truly believed it's possible to succeed in the two specific areas: my finances and career. And it's been reinforced my the results I’ve been receiving.

So this all got me thinking: Do I really want these things? If so, wouldn't they be happening?

Yes. I do really want these things.

  • I really want to turn this blog into something people get value from, connect with and come back to often.
  • I really want to develop my marketing knowledge and feel proud of my skills.
  • I really want to pay off my credit cards and student loans, and start living financially responsibly.

So why aren't they happening?

I haven't been believing it's possible. But that changes now.

I have the powerful mindset within me I just need to dig it back up. I’ve manifested exactly what I believed possible previously, so certainly I can do it again. 

If you truly want something at your core, you must then truly believe it's possible. The the energy will flow there, and it will become your reality.

I'm ready to make it all happen.